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It seems that there are three categories of charitable organizations:

1. Full blown commercial: You give them money and they decide where and what to do with it. I suspect there are some overhead costs involved in that. Overhead would mean less to the students.

2. Local organizations sponsoring charitable work: This is like the American Legion and the Lake Chapala Society in one target location. Also, there is the Culinary Arts Society of Ajijic. Because of their size, these support a number of students; for example, CASA provides educational students at the Institute Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Chapala for Culinary Arts students.

3. Finally, there are individual and small social groups who sponsor maybe one or two students from kindergarten through high school.

QT4EDU falls into the third category, helping students directly. The difference is that we try to generate (hopefully) more funds than a small group. So, you could almost think of it as an aggregate of funds with direct ties to schools, students, and families.

Since we are dedicated to providing funds SPECIFICALLY for GIRL's education in countries where the education of young women is not a priority. We encourage all people, believers and nonbelievers, to enjoy our website including practitioners of all forms of healing and recipients of the healer’s efforts. Practitioners interested in helping other people can donate their time to helping people in pain. Recipients comments are welcome and hopefully they will donate and never forget those with some spare change who are interested in helping an underprivileged girl.

QT4ED.com has no intentions of ever taking a dollar for any purposes other than unavoidable expenses like money conversion. All labor, hosting, IT services and more are donated (please see contributors and associates list).

Right now, don't look for QT4EDU.com to be listed in the formal list of IRS charities. That would be an expensive proposition and take away a lot of funds from the needy. Hopefully, someday QT4EDU.com will be big enough to warrant one of our associate members to donate a few hours of their professional (accounting, legal) time for the federal reporting on an official charity. We would be proud to be included in the list of charitable organizations with the lowest operating cost (see Charity Ratings).



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