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About Margaret

Roots of my understanding of medical issues are in transcribing physician dictation for 35 years. Anatomy and Physiology get half of the nursing students finding another major. These were not drilled into me, they were whispered. By the end of my career, I was too well versed in medical language to make me recognize problems (often having to bite my tongue). I honestly do not mind (sometimes enjoy) leaving the flow of energy to the universe, going through the feet and knowing that the energy is going where it is supposed to go; however, a pinpoint treatment on a mosquito bite takes very little knowledge of anatomy. The difficult thing is to pinpoint a spot where it hurts and stay there because the pain will almost invariably move, and the hands should follow. Communicating this with a baton is useful, but imagining the “direction” of energies coming from multiple sources and going to different recipients is mind boggling! Yet, this is exactly what we speculate is possible in beginning QT4EDU.