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Discover the Extraordinary Healing Powers of Quantum-Touch Energy Healing

Quantum-Touch is a method of natural energy healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

Quantum-Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results. Your love has tremendous impact to benefit those around you.

Energy medicine is a branch of complementary alternative medicine based on the belief that energy healing therapists can channel life force energy to accelerate the natural healing process

Energy healing is a holistic practice that uses life force energy to remove blocks and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. The energy healing therapist helps bring the client’s energy field into balance and improve the health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. Using energy medicine can help re-balance the body and improve well-being.


Go to Quantum Touch’s website and learn of the seeming miracle cures. Richard Gordon says in his book that anyone can do QT. The lady who introduced QT to me said that you have not seen anything until you have seen a child performing QT. So, if we are all healers and just don’t know it yet, let me tell you how exciting it was for me to discover QT, albeit slowly; and I’m thinking layer by layer because, perhaps, as one continues to connect, the space around the healer expands in its capacity to rally unknowingly other channels of healing.