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About us

Mission: Quantum Touch for Education QTE4EDU is a charity dedicated to providing funds SPECIFICALLY for GIRL's education in countries where the education of young women is not a priority due to economic reasons. This is intended to be used for the first years of general education, primary, secondary and high school (names very country to country.)

How can we help? Fund Raising. Believe it or not, somewhere, at some time or another it has been noticed that healers of all sorts and varieties have been able to get contributions for their respective causes. I have personally been offered money for my time, effort, and knowledge. I have always deflected the offer of money with a simple request, the recipient donate to a local charity.

Why Not? Why not a charity that specializes in an effort that can help girls giving them the advantage of an education? When considering the multiplicative effect of this type of direct aid it can be imagined the magnification of the results by encouraging the future development of many others thereby improving the economic status of their existing and future families.

Why here, why now and where later? I am a tourist and I am allowed to spend up to 180 days in Mexico before returning to the US. Our family’s (husband and 2 cats) home base is Houston, Tx. Well… officially in Conroe, located just North of the sprawling metroplex. We have lots of contacts that enable us to keep an eye on such an operation as this, people with the experience of doing this exact type of work. Through organizational contacts, as well as personal contacts we can maintain a degree of monitoring that would be difficult if not impossible from greater distances. And after all, we are neighbors. Mexico has the infrastructure to support the kind of environment required to foster this type of efforts.