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Thoughts about healing and visions in general

Before my brother was killed in Cambodia, I recall bragging in science classes that I wanted everything proven or I would not accept it as anything other than folklore or wives’ tales. On that day I experienced being knocked out of my chair with the certain knowledge that he was killed. That was Saturday. The telegram came Monday. My graduate Baccalaureate service was the Sunday in between, and it was a blur. The hero who found my brother’s body the next day told me that his mother knew when he had been injured in battle six months before. He said that it is a very common thing.

Common sense might dictate to a thinking person (and not just the churches with healing agendas) that healing belongs to the spiritual, but maybe healing and spirituality are both at one with a third thing which is the energy of everything, named and defined through history with differing names.

Edgar Cayce (Site)

In Edgar Cayce’s biography, one finds that he was reluctant to be defined as he ultimately was. He continued to teach Sunday School throughout his life. His legacy as a long-distance healer and remote viewer is maintained at the Edgar Cayce Museum from which global healers can access information by the master’s number system to research his recommended treatments. Natural healing techniques have no better resource. For those with large travel budgets, there are classes for training and lectures for anyone.  

“The law, then, is compliance with the universal spiritual influence that awakens any atomic center to the necessity of its concurrent activity in relationships to other pathological forces or influences within a given body.  Whether this is by spiritual forces, by any of the mechanical forces, it is of necessity one and the same.” (Edgar Cayce Reading 281-24)

This perspective of spirit and body united into one leads us into a feeling of unity with the earth, and even into being at one with all of creation.  Edgar Cayce’s mind was uneducated in medicine; yet, when he went into a trance, he spoke of things that were not in his normal purview. Going into a trance was physically taxing so that he had to limit his trance work time daily. His recommendations, if followed, were always effective.